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Suncast is a highly intelligent prediction system that uses Machine Learning and Big Data tools to analyze solar power plants’ historical data and match them with their current and future weather conditions. Our mission is to contribute to the energy revolution and increase the penetration of solar energy in every energy market in the world.

Suncast delivers reliable and geo-localized predictions of power production, allowing to: Reduce the uncertainty of electricity generation, Improve plant operation thanks to advanced and useful information, Send automate forecasts reports to the network operator, Optimize scheduling of solar panels cleaning and maintenance according to future weather conditions.

For technical validation and forecast error estimation we have a collaboration agreement with Engie Laborelec Chile. We are looking for companies that want to try our pilot service. This is why we met with ten companies in the industry and are currently in negotiations with two of them.

Suncast is a startup accelerated by ChileGlobal Ventures and seed-funded by CORFO. Suncast’s team is composed of young engineers from the highest-ranking university in LATAM according to the QS Ranking 2018 (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) with a passion for renewable energy and technological innovation. Besides, Cristian Sjögren is our advisor. He founded Solar Chile in 2010, company acquired by First Solar in 2013.

Our short-term goals for the coming year are to attract more than 20 clients, find an angel investor, and begin international expansion. Our target markets are the USA, Mexico, Australia, India, and Brazil given their large share of solar PV energy.