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At SolarTracker, we are devoted to democratizing intelligence in distributed solar operation so that operations and maintenance (O&M) are carried out effectively by local actors anywhere in the world.

Based on satellite data and computational intelligence, we analyze plant operation and report the real performance of systems to owners and operators. In addition, we integrate tools that detect and diagnose generation issues such as soiling, accelerated degradation, or shadows. Based on this, we suggest maintenance actions to operators planned through our web platform or customized reports. Thus, analysis and response times are reduced, production is increased, and the O&M of solar plants is optimized.

Our service is compatible with numerous equipment suppliers and monitoring systems, and it can be connected anywhere in the world.

Currently, we have three operating prototypes that add up to around 300 [kW] in Chile, and soon we will integrate around 800 [kW] in Mexico.

We invite you to talk to us so we can tell you more about it and see how we can bring solar energy closer to every corner of the world.