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Chile has the highest solar radiation in the world. In the Atacama Desert, annual radiation reaches 3,500 kWh/m², much higher than the best CSP spots in Europe (1,900 kWh/m²). There is an enormous potential for solar energy in power generation, process heat, desalination and hydrogen production.

The Solarbosch project aims to develop a small-scale solar power tower plant (CSP-T plant), with ranges from 0.5 to 3 MWe for power generation or 1 to 10 MWh for heat processes on a 24/7 basis.

Current CSP towers use molten salts as heat transfer fluid (HTF) and storage medium, reaching temperatures up to 560 °C. This is only profitable at a very large scale due to the high investment required and maintenance costs. In Chile, it costs around $ 8.372 USD/kW.

This project uses air as the HTF, which can easily exceed 1,000 °C. The heat storage medium is copper slag, a Chilean mining industry by-product (low cost), with ideal heat storage properties up to 1,000 °C.

Our technology allows us to build small-scale CSP-T plants with lower investment costs and higher profitability; we believe this could be a game changer in the production of renewable energy 24/7.