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Phineal: Sello Sol

Sello Sol is a certificate (seal) that permits the tracing solar energy generation from its point of origin using blockchain technology. The data are measured and processed to add value as verifiable, transparent and secure information, useful for products, services and transactions. It offers three main opportunities for government institutions, industries and service companies that use solar energy:

  1. It allows energy traceability for issuing CO2 movement and reduction certificates.
  2. The unalterable character of the blockchain, along with the real-time automated measuring protocols that have been developed, make Sello Sol an ideal platform for the generation of PPAs through energy “smart contracts.” It also has great potential for solar energy transactions in electro-mobility systems.
  1. The certificate, together with the display and validation platform, are marketing tools for labelling and promoting products and services based on solar energy.

Sello Sol and its technology have been validated by the organizations and clients who have chosen us, such as the World Bank, along with the Chilean Ministry of Energy, the French company Total Solar, the German cooperation agency (GIZ) with the German-Mexican Energy Partnership, and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).