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25 de agosto de 2017

Experts think Chile is the best place for developing Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

    • That was the conclusion of the seminar “Modeling concentrated solar power plants” organised by CORFO’s Solar Committee
    • Solar irradiance and visibility in the Atacama Desert surpass any other place in the world


    Concentrated solar power (CSP) will be one of the protagonists of Chile’s energy grid. At least that is the opinion of the experts gathered at the seminar “Modeling concentrated solar power plants with storage,” that brought together over 100 people and focused on presenting the expected scenarios for the future of this solar technology in Chile.

    The event was attended by energy companies, consultants, and universities, among other actors who heard about methodologies for modeling the design and operation of these plants in the Chilean electrical system in presentations from Dr. Frank Dinter, CSP expert from Fraunhofer’s Center for Solar Energy Technologies, Francisco Martinez-Conde from the Ministry of Energy, and Felipe Gallardo from CORFO’s Solar Committee.

    The presentations were based on the work carried out at the CSP Workshop held in the context of SolarPACES at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the US Department of Energy in Denver, which gathered experts and academics from various public organisations working on energy in Chile.

    During the seminar, there were discussions about the factors that influence the design of CSP plants, the energy scenarios projected, and Chile’s reality in the field of ​​solar technology, as well as the calculation of inputs for systemic analyses. Felipe Gallardo from the Solar Committee talked about the design of CSP plants. “How to do the modeling, calculate the expected yearly generation, and that input is used to discuss the optimal design of these plants in Chile,” he said.

    The experts stated that Chile’s conditions are the best in the world for developing CSP, thanks to the high levels of solar irradiance of the Atacama Desert, as well as other atmospheric features of the area. I think Chile is the best place in the world to develop CSP and prices will continue to drop, said Dr. Frank Dinter, Fraunhofer’s expert.

    Rodrigo Mancilla, Executive Director of the Solar Committee, the institution in charge of the Solar Energy Program, highlighted the attendance of the seminar. “This shows the interest generated by CSP in Chile, a technology that will undoubtedly be a protagonist in the future of our energy grid,” he concluded.

    Chile has the highest levels of solar irradiance in the world in the Atacama Desert and the world already describes the country as the “solar Saudi Arabia,” as has been corroborated by foreign media. In addition, Chile will host the SolarPACES 2017 Conference, the largest gathering on concentrated solar power in the world that expects over 600 participants, including researchers, academics, and businesspeople.


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