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31 de mayo de 2017

National and foreign experts predict auspicious future for Concentrated Solar Power in Chile

Four specialists analyzed the reality and future of CSP technology in a success webinar organized in the context of the Chilean Solar Energy Program

Representatives from NREL and the US Department of Energy were part of the exhibitors

“Chile has a huge opportunity with the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology”, that was the main conclusion reached by the experts who participated in the Webinar “Objective: CSP at 50 US $ / MWh by 2025”, organized by the Solar Committee of Chile and the consultant Ata Insights.

Craig Turchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) expert, Andru Prescod, Director of Energy at ManTech International and United States Department of Energy Consultant, Angel Fernandez, University of Antofagasta and SERC – Chile Investigator  And Rodrigo Mancilla, Executive Director of the Solar Committee, analyzed the possibilities of reduction in the costs that are projected in the concentrated solar technology  and the impacts that could generate to 2025.

En la ocasión decenas de  investigadores y profesionales de 37 países, entre ellos España, Alemania, Estados Unidos, India, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Arabia Saudita,  se conectaron al webinar. “Esto demuestra el enorme interés que despierta la CSP y su desarrollo en Chile” aseguró Rodrigo Mancilla. Del total de inscritos, un 74% correspondió a empresas, mientras que un 6% fueron organismos financieros y centros de I&D de todo el mundo.

Researchers and professionals from 37 countries, including Spain, Germany, the United States, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, participated in the webinar. “This demonstrates the great interest in the CSP and its development in Chile,” said Rodrigo Mancilla.  74% of the total number of participants corresponded to companies, while 6% were from financial institutions and R & D centers around the world.

The director of the Solar Energy Program added that Chile is committed to the development of CSP technology as a way to enhance the solar industry, and also it is one of the lines of Chile for contributing to the face the climate change. “The future is promising for a successful relationship between green copper and the solar industry. The electromobility increased demand for copper and we believed that copper should be produced with clean energy such as the solar,” he said.

One of the main conclusions of the meeting was that the costs of this technology will continue decreasing. “Optimizing the operation and delivery is an opportunity to improve the profitability of CSP plants,” said Craig Turchi, who analyzed current costs and how development is projected in recent years. Meanwhile, Andru Prescod analyzed the achievement of Sunshot objectives and said that all projections augur a promising future for this type of solar technology.

Ángel Fernández, on the other hand, presents the results of the research in the sales of lithium that realizes in the University of Antofagasta. He showed the deposits of storage materials that can be extracted in northern Chile. “Achieving the $ 0.9c / MWht target in storage is possible with the use of ternary base-lithium sales,” said the expert.

The Solar Energy Program is part of the TRANFORMA initiatives of CORFO and seeks the public and private sector to look for solutions that allow the development of the solar industry in the country.

Full webinar here (spanish)