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International Solar and Mining Institute of the North (IISM)

The IISM aims to develop solutions for specific industry challenges based on technological knowledge and technical capacity, ranging from the environment, costs and competitiveness, diversification and new products and services. It was created to apply and combine existing technologies and to develop new ones with a cost-effective and practical approach for and with the industry as a continuous improvement process with its business environment. It focuses on industrial development in a broad sense, including services and the development of new models. It performs R&D&I according to the specific strategies of each area, focused on the selected technological applications, with definitions shared with its business environment.

The project aims to strengthen the technological infrastructure and human capital for developing technological programs within the solar industry, under the following lines of work:

Solar energy

Development of photovoltaic systems for deserts and high solar radiation areas.

  • Creation of certified modules for desert areas
  • Optimized balance-of-system

Development of concentrated solar power systems.

  • High efficiency thermal storage systems with lithium salt
  • Field optimization of heliostats, structures, mirrors and control systems adapted to the conditions of the desert
  • Solar fuels from photovoltaic sources or solar concentration solutions


A reduction of costs and emissions in physical and mining metallurgical processes is expected through the implementation of solar concentration solutions throughout the productive process.

Industrialization of salt and lithium

Development of technologies for sustainable mining of salt and lithium, as well as moving forward in the lithium value chain for energy storage and electro-mobility and promoting new uses with higher added value.



IISM aims to strengthen and provide technological infrastructure and outstanding human capital in all areas while enabling the development of new technological applications and solar energy solutions with a high R&D&I content connected with local energy demands and the global solar industry value chain.


R&D: simulation services for systems and technologies, development of small-scale prototypes and testing of new materials and technologies.

Services for the industry: pilots, monitoring and product certification, systems and competences.

Technology transfer and trading: selling and licensing technologies and materials.

Spin offs and design of business models.

Information to draft policies for developing, regulating and strengthening the solar, mining and raw material industry in Chile.



Total US$94