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Development of Technological photovoltaic Systems for Deserts

This initiative brings together government, companies and both local and international technological centers to implement a portfolio of R+D+I projects aimed at developing photovoltaic systems adapted to desert conditions.


To help install applied technological capacities to adapt and/or develop photovoltaic solar energy technologies that respond to the particular conditions of desert and high solar radiation areas in terms of durability and expected yields. This will allow for the reduction of the levelized cost of energy to at least USD $25/MWh by 2025, with emphasis on developing and strengthening local suppliers to create a sophisticated industrial fabric aimed at providing goods and services both in Chile and abroad.


Increased number of researchers and technicians on modules, PV systems and materials for desert conditions, thereby increasing knowledge of intellectual property issues.
New companies/spin offs due to partnerships between specialized suppliers, manufacturers of parts and components for PV plants, universities, centers of excellence with a critical mass, deep and up-to-date knowledge of research on PV systems, transfer models to the market and their business models.
New technologies and optimization of the modules’ complementary components, balance-of-system (BoS) and new materials for manufacturing modules and components of the photovoltaic system for extreme desert conditions.
Stable PV modules with a LCOE lower than USD $25/MWh that capture the entire spectrum of solar energy (from UV to IR).
Foreign investment for manufacturing photovoltaic modules for desert and high solar radiation areas of at least 120 MW/year.
A consortium between specialized suppliers, PV plant manufacturers, universities, research centers with a critical mass to host and foster the development of photovoltaic systems applied research for desert areas with high solar radiation levels, with a clear technology transfer strategy that ensures the maximum value capture for the country.