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14 de junio de 2017

PV companies of Chile participates in the Open Solar Innovation Platform (PIA) forum “Challenges Large Plants”

  • Some of the main difficulties that affects the sector were analyzed

The Open Solar Innovation Platform “Brilla” organized the workshop “Challenges Grandes Plantas”, that gathered the main actors from the photovoltaic sector. They shared their experiences regarding the operation of the plants and the main difficulties they face.

The participants valued the opportunity to interact with other actors in the sector. The call included personal in charge of the operation and maintenance of the plants. “This workshop is important because we can share our experiences, which can help us to improve as a sector,” said Clemence Picard of AELA Energía. Gabriel Ortiz of First Solar said that most of the experiences are common, “many of the problems we have are repeated in other plants and even it have been resolved in an ideal way, that is the main value of sharing information,” he said.

The work began with an initial map of the potential difficulties that raised the team of Fundación Chile and Fraunhofer Solar, who execute the project, based on interviews and bibliographic material. This initial work was taken as the basis for the workshop. “The idea is to see which are the most urgent difficulties and which can be addressed as a group or industry,” said Fernando Coz, Director of the Solar Open Innovation Platform “Brilla”.

This initiative is in addition to other efforts such as the study of Benchamrking in Photovoltaic Plants that was carried out in the context of the Solar Energy Program and which gave an approximation to the difficulties faced by Photovoltaic Plants in Chile.