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25 de marzo de 2019

CSP Summit 2019: Chile enjoys the best conditions worldwide for developing concentrated solar power

  • The Solar and Energy Innovation Committee took part in the global meeting organized by the United States Department of Energy held in Oakland, California

More than 100 R&D projects in concentrated solar power, with a total budget of over 200 million dollars, were presented at the “CSP Summit 2019,” an annual meeting organized by the US Department of Energy, where Chile stood out thanks to its conditions for developing this solar technology.

“Having the highest level of direct solar irradiance and one of the lowest levels of atmospheric attenuation worldwide, thanks to the clarity of its skies, would allow for the most competitive development of concentrated solar power projects.” This is what Ana María Ruz, Director of Technological Development at the Solar and Energy Innovation Committee created by Chile’s Economic Development Agency (CORFO), stated at the plenary session. In addition, Ruz presented the advances that have been made on the “Cerro Dominador” plant, the first CSP tower plant in Latin America, scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2020.

The meeting brought together representatives from the main US research centers and universities who are working on lowering the cost of technology in partnership with private companies. Morocco, China, Australia, and Chile were the guest countries of this 2019 edition of the meeting.


After the summit, SolarPACES’ annual executive board meeting was held. SolarPACES is an international cooperation network that brings together experts from all around the world to focus on the development and commercialization of concentrated solar power systems through a series of collaboration programs and implementation agreements aimed at solving global energy challenges.

On this occasion, progress on various tasks was reviewed, such as the plants under construction in different countries, proposals for requesting funds, recommendations from the Industrial Advisory Board, and the benefits of integrating solar concentration plants into the electric system, as is the case in Chile.

Chile presented energy projections and models for the coming years, where the growing presence of CSP is clear.

The next SolarPACES conference will be held in Daegu, South Korea, from October 1 to 4, 2019. A number of scientific and technical meetings will take place during this conference, with the aim of sharing recent R&D activities and new developments in CSP technology, with a focus on development and commercialization.

SolarPACES 2017 was held in Chile with great success, and ever since then, the country has been an active member of the organization.