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CNE: Blockchain technology in Energy

Citizens used to have other type of questions and demand for different answers… Why should I trust that the data they provide is precise? How do I know they have not edited it over time? Those were not trivial demands… Therefore, as usual, we began to think and analyze. The first goal from the National Energy Commission was to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the current situation… we were convinced that with a precise analysis, we would be able to develop a robust project that would lead to a positive public policy. We needed to design methodologies to organize, standardize and update the information we had, as we already were doing, but we also needed to guarantee our users they could blindly trust the data. Therefore, what kind of technology would allow us to meet those needs?

Once we identified the best technology to solve this issue (in this case, blockchain), it began to gain significance for us, as it complied with many of the requirements we were looking for.

These main four reasons may clarify why blockchain technology could suit us so well:

  • It increases security: Being a distributed database, it is almost impossible to alter or hack the information.
  • It increases integrity: It guarantees that our data have not been altered during our internal processes.
  • It allows traceability: It makes our processes traceable, being able to follow up on previous data.
  • It enhances transparency: Anyone can audit and control changes to the information.

We are willing to discuss these and other topics with you.