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  • (e.g. nutrition/health/food, mobility/transport, buildings/spaces, production, consumption)
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  • Tipos de archivos aceptados: pdf, ppt, jpg.
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  • OPTIONAL QUESTION. (* Lock-in is when initial reductions of GHG gases are done in a way that make further reductions more difficult. E.g expensive investments in coal power often result in reduced GHG emissions, but they can also be based on the assumption that the coal power plant will still run for many years and depend on no investments in smart solutions that reduce the energy demand.)
  • OPTIONAL QUESTION. (* Rebound effects are usually when an application has unexpected negative consequents, e.g. increased use of virtual meetings can, if done incorrectly, result in a situation where people want to travel more. But rebound effects can also have positive consequences, e.g. increase biking/walking to work can improve a healthier and carbon friendly diet.)