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14 de agosto de 2017

Chile and its energy transition continues to inspire the world

    • The New York Times devoted an extensive article in its August 14th Sunday edition to the progress of clean energy in Chile


    After the Washington Post described Chile as the “solar Saudi Arabia” and Al Gore, the former US vice-president, said the country “is inspiring the world” thanks to its exponential growth in solar energy, Chile is back in the spotlight of international media due to its energy transition, where solar energy plays a key role. Now, The New York Times highlighted the progress made on energy generation from clean sources and the work carried out by the country to fulfil the goal of having a clean energy grid with lower fossil-fuel sources.


    The US newspaper headline reads “Chile’s energy transformation is powered by wind, sun and volcanoes,” and the article explains how renewable energy has gained ground in the country. The article talks about the progress Chile is making in its goal of expanding the clean energy grid, with “South America’s first geothermal energy plant” and “a constellation of solar fields,” as well as wind farms.


    It also highlights that the country has a policy to fight climate change that includes the promotion of green energy sources. The report quotes President Michelle Bachelet, who states that “I am convinced that climate change is a reality, a complete and absolute reality. We think it is essential for our economic development to have cleaner energy because we want this planet to last,” reads the article.


    In terms of solar energy, the report also highlights Chile’s conditions for its development. “A constellation of solar fields built in the Atacama Desert in the North, one of the driest and sunniest places on Earth, has made Chile one of the most promising markets for producers of solar panels,” reads the American newspaper.


    This is yet another showing that solar energy is one of the fundamental pillars of the energy change that Chile is currently experiencing.


    Read the article here.