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10 de agosto de 2017

Al Gore highlights Chile’s growth in solar energy

  • The former US vice-president said “Chile is inspiring the world”
  • The Solar Energy Program is the public-private entity that seeks to develop the solar industry in Chile


Al Gore, environmentalist and one of the leaders in the fight against global warming, highlighted the work Chile is doing in promoting solar energy. The statements were made to Miami’s newspaper El Nuevo Herald on the occasion of the premiere of his second documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Sequel,” which reveals the consequences that climate change could have on the planet.

 Gore mentioned the progress made by several countries in expanding clean energy sources to replace fossil fuels, highlighting Chile as having the largest development of solar energy worldwide.

 “Chile is inspiring the world with a significant expansion of solar energy, faster than any other country. Florida could mimic this progress at the same speed, which would not only reduce electricity bills, but also create jobs,” said Gore, whose statements were covered by many Chilean and international media.

He also emphasised that Chile is the country with the highest growth of solar energy in the world, growing from 11 MW in 2013 to over 850 in 2015. This is confirmed by the figures of the Ministry of Energy’s Long-Term Energy Planning (PELP, in Spanish) that states that by 2045, solar energy could represent between 30% and 85% of the new installed capacity, depending on whether they consider more conservative or optimistic scenarios.

The Solar Energy Program was created precisely to take advantage of Chile’s unique features for developing the solar industry. The program is run by CORFO’s Solar Committee and gathers public and private organisations, which have outlined an ambitious Roadmap. “We are betting on solar energy to be the driver of the productive change in Chile,” says Rodrigo Mancilla, Executive Director of the Solar Committee.