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Solar Technology District (DTS)

Esquema Distrito Tecnológico Solar (DTS)

The concept DTS refers to the development of territories covering large areas, chosen for their optimal conditions for solar power generation and subdivided into lots, awarded to generation companies in a concession for the development, construction and operation of solar power plants using different technologies. A Technology Master Plan will determine choice of technologies and the total installed capacity in these districts, whose optimization criteria will include the technology mix that best contributes to a stable supply of energy at competitive prices, promoting participation by local companies in the different project stages.


Development of a national solar power industry through the implementation of large-scale generation initiatives that help to increase domestic suppliers’ participation and foster the competitive development and technological innovation in solar power generation and storage.


US$ 4 billion in private investment for each STD Project of ~750 MW.

Creation of direct jobs (~3,000 in construction and ~300 in operation) and indirect jobs (~12,000 during the project life cycle).

Development and diversification of suppliers’ business lines in national industry.

Development of solar power generation and storage technologies.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (~ 800,000 to 1,400,000 tons of CO2 eq. annually).



2016-2017 (pre-investment phase)




Distrito Tecnológico Solar